O.F.D. (Ogof Ffynon Ddu)

South Wales

November 9th 2002

Members of party:  Graham, Chrissy and Sam

Photographs:  Graham

At long last a caving trip, even though it was based around Sam's capabilities (age 8).  He has been in the top entrance a couple of time before, when a lot younger, but this time he was very capable and only needed help at a couple of places.  We decided to go to the Judge and Trident along Salubrious Passage.  Seems as though I need more caving practice than Sam...ooh err...better loosen up down Goatchurch!

Me at the entrance of O.F.D 2

Sam and me in the passage close to the entrance

Up the boulders towards Gnome Passage

Gnome Passage

Passage to corkscrew

Salubrious Passage

The Trident

A good trip, Sam is really keen now.