Reservoir Hole

31st December 02

Party members:  Graham, Chrissy, Tony, Andy, Jasper.

A cave that I have never done before.  We collected the key from Willie Stanton.  There is limited access to the cave.

The entrance is a small flat out crawl, which leads to a slightly larger passage of crawling and stooping size for a 100 feet.  Soon it meets a junction at a rift.  To the left a muddy slope leads to a pool, this can be looked at later.  Now a  rift, the main cave leads to the right past a few formations to Moonmilk  chamber.  At the end of the chamber a man made 120ft vertical climb in three stages.  To look down it looks a bit daunting, but in fact there are plenty of handholds and foot holes all the way.  The cave is a large rift with various nice clumps of stal, well protected.  There is another climb of similar height to get to the top of the rift, up man made chimneys and roped slabs of rock in large steps, leading to a view point over the  rift.  Back down the climb, another passage leads along a few slithers, past some black stal, (Manganese staining), and on to a pool in a narrow rift.

A good trip, well worth doing.